Just because Winnie said he didn't have a key doesn't mean it's true.

What did you do with that?

Everyone is being tested.


He was flying down the road.

Maybe Po was the one who stole Kriton's necklace.

This is an ugly language.

She's my best friend.

The piano was invented in the 18th century by Bartolomeo Cristofori.

Billie doesn't love you as much as I love you.

Have you been in a fight?

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This is the cat's fault.

Do you want to go fishing with me?

I'll go talk to them right now.


She likes nobody and nobody likes her.

Cristopher almost opened the wrong door.

How is your surname written?


Don't you think that the taxes are too heavy in Japan?

Her boyfriend looks like a monkey.

Jeannie and Naim stopped talking as soon as John came into the room.


I'm considering studying in the United States next year.


He likes music.

She seems excited.

He made it known to his friends that he was unwilling to run for the election.


Johan likes making paper airplanes.


Nathan was right, wasn't he?


This museum displays a fascinating collection of Celtic objects.

Kees and Kevin sometimes play tennis together.

Dan has done a lot of nasty things since he got out of prison.

I'm sure Vishal will want to take all the credit.

Please come in an ordinary dress.

I will do everything in my power to help.

Howard is lonely and has no one to play with.

Soohong and Kristian have something surprising in common.

What kind of question is that? Do you really expect me to answer that?

I was just going to ask you about that.

Pim doesn't seem to be contributing.

I used my driver's license to identify myself.

Unbelievable! We saw a black sheep on the shores of Copacabana beach.

We've got a job to do.

Nobody knows what happened to Joseph.

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He decided to go to France.

That it's their responsibility, not mine.

Piete said that he'd rather come tomorrow.

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I've seen one many times.

We'll never be the same.

Jess is interested in computers.


I'll give her half of my share.

I have not had a cold lately.

You hear about a lot of incidents these days that would be hard to dream up. It really backs up the old saying that fact is stranger than fiction.


You need to be more attentive.


Your response is far from complete.


Julius's speech was really funny.

I have trouble with physics.

You're not going to get away with this.

You can give me a hand, now that you're here.

He knows the art of making people feel at home.

A little bird told me.

The computer broke down.

Randal is a career criminal.

Are you going to sit with Jean-Pierre?

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He seemed very nice.

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She is concerned about her mother's health.


School being over, there were only a small number of pupils in the playground.


I'm really happy for you guys.

Is there any advantage to acting like that?

No, I'm not frightened of ghosts.

The princess couldn't help laughing at him.

The opportunity is definitely there.

The baby cried loudly.

I took a wrong turn.

For the job to proceed normally, I need your values and experience.

She lost her hat, but soon found it.

Gigi spoiled the movie for Charlie by telling her how it ends.

Judging from the look of the sky, we might have a shower before nightfall.

You've done remarkable things here, Rafael.

Kaj doesn't seem much happier.

I thought you'd want to see this movie.

If you want to speak English as fluently as me, you must learn as much as I did.

She didn't have to talk to me about it. It's good that she did.

He sat back and watched us do all the work.

Pablo flirted with Edith.

The next day, at suppertime, I was introduced to her husband.


We're not doing anything new.

Shyam was wearing glasses.

She fairly jumped for joy.

Please slice a loaf of bread for me.

She needed to talk to her mother about it.

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How do you know Sherri is bluffing?

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The experience soured his outlook on life.

That camera is Bernie's most prized possession.

Brendan spoiled the movie for Vickie by telling her how it ends.

Deborah is chubby.

But the compass isn't in the head of the bee, it's in the body.


I'll leave the decision to you.

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Mike liked animals very much.

While pointlessly wandering around the city, he stumbled on a cobblestone he hadn't noticed and almost tripped over, but it turned out all right

Ruth is so much older than Takeuchi is.

I'm not a politician.

Don't you think it odd that she was in such a hurry?

Sridharan is anxious to go abroad.

It's starting to grow on us.


Don't you just love Lum's accent?


That isn't what I asked.


You were the one who insisted we come here today.


I understand what you say, but I have trouble internalizing the message.

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When bears sleep or lie down, their postures depend on whether they want to get rid of heat or conserve it.

I thought I heard Lenny come in.

You guys make such a cute couple.

I am a teacher, not a student.

You shouldn't drink this water.

This suitcase is heavier than it looks.

About how much would a taxi be from here?

It's the sort of day when you'd like to stay in bed.

Let's find out who killed her.

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This penguin is really cute.

Those were his exact words.

He looked wise.

I accused her unfairly.

When will you graduate?

I was given a computer game by my father.

When a woman is talking to you, listen to what she says with her eyes.

It is far from here to Tokyo.

He grew up in Germany.

I haven't put on so much weight.

Come home before it gets dark.

Looking at his email address, would you say he's American?

Hillary has trouble hearing.

Marci can't do the report without more direction.

He advised him not to go there by himself.


Gigi certainly looks nothing like his father.

I have to stop that. It's a bad habit.

I'd recommend that you try to relax.

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Heidi likes all of us, I think.

Climate change is not a hoax.

That is why I came here.

Jamie doesn't expect anything from Herve.

It will take time for him to recover from his wounds.

I didn't punch anybody.

This vending machine takes only hundred-yen coins.

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It's not a horse.

It's important that we remember that.

A student was run over by a car on Basin Street.

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What do they call her?

After two days our food gave out.

Deirdre made cookies for Reiner's children.

Don't blame me, Nichael.

You got off easy.

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Kristin has hired a lawyer.

Valeria is loyal to his country.

Jean is washing the car.

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On Sundays I relax.


I can't leave until the job is finished.

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We aren't here to hurt you.

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Harv lives really far from here.

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I merely came to inform you of the fact.

Stick out your tongue and say "aah."

He said there was nobody in here.

Pierre doesn't have much of an appetite.

I was demanding.